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Darkside DreamWalker

A beginning induction tape for lucid dreaming.

A guided voyage through the higher etheric planes. The Darkside DreamWalker is a dvd for beginning lucid dreamers. On the back cover are full, easy instructions on how to use this 30 minute dvd. The Darkside DreamWalker is what a voyager might experience in the astral, causal, and higher etheric planes.

Produced by E.J. Gold in studio using imagery from G.O.D.D.(tm) and original music composed especially for Cloister Recordings. E.J. Gold has recreated an astral journey in cyberspace.

"Gold's recordings have an innate ascentive quality that resonates in harmony with the macrodimensions, higher emotions and spiritual inspiration. They inspire serenity and bliss."
-- Glenn Perry, Samadhi Tank Co.

"The most remarkable visions I've seen since the Norman conquest." -- Lee Lozowick, author of The Alchemy of Sex.

"Lucid dreaming is easy when you have a T.V. set like mine." -- Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of Dream Assembly. "Microseconds after pushing the play button, I was out of my body. Within minutes I was out of the cosmos." -- Heather Valencia, author of Queen of Dreams.

"These dvds heal from the inside out." -- Patricia Elizabeth, Labyrinth Reader's Society