Astral Projection Tool Kit using Beta Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ technology.

Lucid Dreaming / Astral Projection Tool Kit

Price: $350

(Five-piece Tool Kit: Headset, Book, Target Cards, Essential Oil, Incense.)

The first safe and sane, easy to follow, step-by-step method that gets the job done.

Astral projection and lucid dreaming go hand in hand. Facility in one leads to facility in the other. So whether you have thought about astral travel before or not. If you are interested in lucid dreaming then astral projection is something you will want to look into.

It's quick and easy to astral project with the Beta-Blocker AP Boosters! Just strap your Boosters on and use my simple easy 1-2-3 Method to zap out of body in seconds! You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

As you walk up the Ladder of Light, you will be able to travel as far as you like in only seconds!

You can test yourself to see how well you are doing! My course includes Astral Projection Self-Testing and Total Safety Psychic Protection System.

Most systems start you off in the wrong place. My system starts you off right WHERE YOU ARE and takes you up in a simple step by step easy grade from the Organic Body all the way up into the Higher Bodies with no sweat, no strain. It's easy, easy, easy!

You are in total control of your progress. Go at your own pace. No sweat, no strain, no frustration, just a simple easy jump and you are Out of Body.

Try it today! Send for my Astral Projection Kit right now and be Out of Body within minutes of receiving it.

Astral Project Kit Contains:

  • Astral Projection Made Easy $24.95 -- Step by Step Instruction Manual with everything you need to get Out of Body instantly with no sweat, no strain.
  • Target Cards $75. -- Six beautiful full-color high-quality laminated Brane-Power® Target Cards printed on high-grade art card stock.
  • Booster Headband $225. -- Five Beta-Blocker disks mounted on a super-comfortable black and gray Nike Swoosh Headband.
  • Essential Oil $49 -- Specially blended essential oil to essence your ability to identify your targets when out of body.
  • Incense $15. -- Incense to set the atmosphere most conducive to your departure from the body.